There are two camps of thought: one camp values the journey and one camp values the destination. Depending on a person’s alignment, a lot can be said about their personalities, such as whether they value an end-product or enjoy the process of building it. Why does it have to be one or the other? Today, we need to be more resilient than relying on binary categorizations. Left brain vs right brain. Introvert vs extrovert. Book smart vs street smart. We don’t think the future will favour such black or white groupings. The future will be ambidextrous and it’s up to the individual to adapt or be left behind.

21st century creativity is so much more than a right-brain or left-brain approach

Dichotomies are already around us and will continue to become more prevalent and necessary in our worlds. Think about technologies: analogue vs digital. Regardless of your product, there is always an analogue experience to your product offering. If your product is a software, there is a physical fixed or mobile device that requires you to access it. User experience designers cannot discount and disregard this aspect as part of the overall experience. Extending beyond, an essential way to elevate your product is to bridge the offering to the other side. The printing of digital photos. The digitization of film photography. Converting antique speakers to Bluetooth enabled. Making voice assistants with dedicated devices.


Next, think about left brain vs right brain. As described in A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink, simply being one sided will not fare well in the future. Machine learning, as well as the abundance of lower cost labour being more accessible, will vastly be able to automate a significant portion of solely left-brain work. Similarly, a purely right-brain way of thinking will never have the right context or structure to their thinking to make ideas come to life. 21st century creativity is so much more than a right-brain or left-brain approach. The extended title for the book is a bit misleading – Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future – what Pink really says in his book is that we need a balanced approach: both left and right brain working together.


For us at ackn, this project has been a long journey – so long that one might say that it’s been too long. 10 years ago, we started as justalilhype! Magazine – a humble skeleton crew making a digital magazine that churned out an issue with 12 features every single month – while still going to university and working. We never missed a deadline for 4 years. That changed when all the focus we had on the journey caught up with us and broke us down. We didn’t think enough of the destination we were going. We didn’t think enough about the journey as well. We kept our heads down and churned until we churned our minds out of our heads. We knew that our next journey to our next destination had to be a well-intentioned balance between many different aspects.

As we continue to evolve our offering, one thing is true: our passion is our journey and our destination. We’re passionate about having fun, not stressing on things that don’t matter in the long run, and simply enjoying what we do: media. As a destination, it will be a community of other passionate individuals working alongside us to create in the field of media. Digital, physical. Visible, invisible. Audible, inaudible. If the future will be ambidextrous, so will we. Categories are only what you define it to be.


Yours truly,


ackn crew