Photographed and written by the ackn crew

With a unique community of pioneers from the first wave of Chinese immigrants who set foot in Canada over a century ago, Chinatown is a destination one rarely speaks about when visiting Vancouver due to their lack of cultural awareness and default to Richmond, where many immigrants reside in today. Nonetheless, Vancouver’s Chinatown is one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. While the population of it is much smaller compared to ones in the United States, it still has a universal appeal to locals and tourists. In fact, emerging chefs, artists, and small business entrepreneurs are pursuing their craft in this community, revitalizing a new sense of creativity and energy in hopes of welcoming not only locals but youth to visit.

Without a doubt, locations like Fortune Sound Club, Livestock, and El Kartel are examples that draw a youthful crowd to pay a visit. Numerous heritage buildings that remain are filled with stories from early Chinese immigrants who have settled around in 1886.

On a chilly night, the ackn crew strolled through the streets of the hip and historic Chinatown for a photo walk. During the session, not only did the ackn crew got to situate themselves with the newer developments, but also to better appreciate the lasting signs and buildings that remain which perhaps, underline the importance of the act of balance between the hip and historical aspects of Vancouver’s Chinatown.

This photo series was written and photographed by the ackn crew. Visited in December 2017, the photos were taken in in Vancouver, Canada. This photo series is part of a set of photos taken in cities across the world. To see more, go to Places and discover other cities.