Photographed and written by the ackn crew

Strolling through the streets of New York City, there is a sense of chaos and confusion at times for the average traveller. The hustling and bustling environment of the city often times creates a sense of urgency as one explores the surface and subsurface of the city. On the street level, there is a rustic blend of historic architecture that dates back to the end of World War II, where the post-war economic boom not only continued to impact the growth of the city, but the influx of immigration transformed the culture of New York from a predominantly Anglo-American society into a blend of diverse cultures.

the upper levels of the city, the architecture speaks for itself, however, if you look above and below, one can only wonder whether those safety escape ladders are still being used, or what folks below the surface are doing through escape hatches that you can glimpse on what kitchen staff are cooking.

Finally, you walk by the corner of Lafayette Street and Prince Street, where a surge of street culture enthusiast and heavy spenders line up to drop money on the fashion Supreme New York, the only streetwear brand that has ever reached a brand valuation of over $1 billion dollars. Take a glimpse of the city by flipping through the photographs between New York City’s streets, buildings, and people.

This photo series was written and photographed by the ackn crew. First visited in October 2017, the photos were taken in in New York City, United States of America. This photo series is part of a set of photos taken in cities across the world. To see more, go to Places and discover other cities.