Photographed and written by the ackn crew

“Miss, please roll up your curtain. The men… they go wild.”

Pressure is an interesting way to describe Kuwait, and it’s present from many sources. Pressure to succeed, after having such a high level of income and the highest valued currency in the world. Pressure from the elements, after having the highest recorded temperature in Asia at 54.4 degrees C. Pressure from politics, after being invaded and occupied by Iraq. Pressure for identity, after having over 70% of the population made up of expats. Pressure from nationality, after a debate about whether or not Kuwait “belongs” to Iraq. Pressure from culture, after the influence of global cultures and global viewpoints on values.

As our driver stops while we pick up some food, he scans the streets and promptly tells a fellow passenger to roll up her curtain. “Miss, please roll up your curtain,” he says. “The men… they go wild.” He explains that the men don’t often get to see women without at least a hijab, let alone long flowing hair and open shoulders. There’s some truth to that: at the airport, the fellow passenger was stopped and called up to the desk numerous times, despite having come to Kuwait City almost on a weekly basis. Meanwhile, I’m shuttled through without a stutter.

Going through the markets of Kuwait, you’re awarded with local culture in spades. Traditional song and dance are common place, as are fruits, vegetable and meat stands. Ever present are date stands – thousands of dates of different varieties are on display at any single stand. It’s so tempting to ask for a sample, which local merchants happily oblige.

This photo series was written and photographed by the ackn crew. First visited in October 2017, the photos were taken in in Kuwait City, Kuwait. This photo series is part of a set of photos taken in cities across the world. To see more, go to Places and discover other cities.