Photographed and written by the ackn crew

“Don’t go out at night… you won’t find your way back.”

These are words of warning that many who visit Fes end up hearing. Swirling and sprawling within the center of the city of 1.1 million people is the magnificent medinas. Everywhere you go, someone is trying to sell you something: wood carvings, trinkets, lights, tours… the commerce of this market is palpable. Local merchants shout out a hypothesized country of your origin, followed by whatever forms of “hello” they know in that local language. It’s hard not to stop and respond to them, if their beautiful goods haven’t captivated your attention already. If they’re not trying to sell you something, they’re definitely trying to lead you somewhere. Locals of all ages are always offering to guide you back to your riad, including children.

Children play in the corridors of the medina – their choice usually being football / soccer. 2 vs 2, 4 vs 4, these children embody innocence. They run around without a care in the world, except until you point a camera at them. No local in Morocco likes their photo taken, unless you ask nicely repeatedly. Usually, some compensation eases that discussion.

Entrance-ways and buildings are decorated with the most finite detailing. Even ancient structures are whittled to imbue the personality that of the berber: complex, beautiful, raw. It’s hard to miss the omnipresence of the stunning architecture.

This photo series was written and photographed by the ackn crew. First visited in Spring 2017, the photos were taken in in Fes, Morocco, as well as the Sahara desert. This photo series is part of a set of photos taken in cities across the world. To see more, go to Places and discover other cities.